Salt Bed ‘They want me to represent the military’


Graphite powder on sea salt crystals, light. 2.5 x 3.3 x .5 m.

‘Artfront / Waterfront’ Site-ations International Art event, 
Curators: Sean O’Reilly, Dean Jokanovic-Toumin, Lauran Amazeen & Olivia Georgia.
Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island, New York. July 2002 – Jan 2003.

A snippet of conversation overheard on the Staten Island ferry that captures something of the mood in post 9/11 New York is communicated through the maritime visual signaling system of semaphore. Buoyed on a bed of sea salt crystals this contemporary message in graphite pigment floats on the surface ready to disintegrate at the slightest disturbance.