Systems Failure


An exhibition of new work by Anna Macleod developed in conversation with curator Liz Burns.
The Dock, Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim. Ireland. 12th February – 17th April 2010.
The works for the exhibition Systems Failure include drawings, prints and small constructions that examine the delicate balance that exists between need and aspects of failure rooted in the relationship between humanity and land use. The work seeks to question the relationship between scientific and technological interventions into eco systems and the alienation of the individual from the environmental consequences of climate change.

Water is the emotive tool used here to explore the fragile ecologies between source and consumption. ‘Systems Failure’. Mild steel table, mirror, brass welding rods, pipettes, thread. 96 x 84 x 61 cm. Serigraph, German etch mounted on aluminium. 106 x 38 cm. ‘Polar Tension’. Mild steel, N42 Neodymium magnets. ‘Water Wars’. Moleskin book of 15 drawings, variety of media. 21 x 14.5 cm x variable dimensions. ‘Congress of Creatures’. Wooden construction kits: Crab E010, Lobster H003, Frog M044. Graphite powder, Compressed industrial salt. For text ‘Failure of Systems’ by Fiona Fullam and further images of the show photographed by Padraig Cunningham.

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