Water Conversations – Almería, Spain

Watershed: Propositions  2015-17

Location: Joya: arte + ecología, Parque Natural Sierra María-Los Vélez. Almería Spain. (37°45’48” N, -2°4’12” W)

Watershed: Propositions is an ongoing project for Sistemas Efímeros, a trans-disciplinary collaborative project curated by Simon Beckmann that seeks ways to augment the perception of the natural value of arid landscapes. Simultaneously Sistemas Efímeros will promote sustainable and transferable adaptations to land use and water resources at a time of rapid environmental change.

Currently in research phase, Macleod is developing dew catching systems for the 20 hectares farm at Joya: arte + ecología to help provide water in this rain stressed environment for spring seedling propagation. Utilising known dew catchment systems & technologies, the sculptural works will be lightweight & mobile and constructed from recycled or locally sourced materials.

The models shown here are made with bees wax & paper, bound Esparto grass and flax string / Almond tree trimmings.

In 2014 Anna Macleod received the ¡TOMA! Residency award for Joya: arte + ecología, Spain 

Sistemas Efímeros project: www.joyaarteyecologia-blog.org/sistemas-efimeros

Photos: David Cass, Joya: arte + ecología