'Embassy For Water,' Conceptual Public Art Project

Anna Macleod's work was included in the 'Embassy of Water' - Paddington Reservoir event in Sydney last 6th November.

"Embassy for Water is a conceptual art project that appropriates the traditional form of the embassy and transforms its function. The term embassy was first given to a group of people representing territorial interests. In the modern era, the embassy model developed into a global bureaucratic and political infrastructure of the nation state. This infrastructure fixes place, emphasizes protocol, and protects national interests. In contrast, Embassy for Water explores how meta/physical forms flow into one another. Here, the symbolism and presence of water become a space for an exploration of aesthetic and social interests. Embassy for Water does not observe boundaries, rather like water the project emphasizes movement, porosities and metamorphosis.

The forms that Embassy for Water takes are open-ended, according to collaborations it may be: a curatorial hub, a nomadic reality, a series of satellite art works, a building, a publication, a residency, a conversation across diverse fields. 

The project was founded in 2010 by the artist James Geurts, and developed as a collaboration with artist and curator Julie Louise Bacon. To date, it has resulted in projects in the Middle East, Australia, Canada and Europe, where it formed part of the core programme that saw the Dutch city Leeuwarden named European Capital of Culture 2018."

- Embassy For Water